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[cg] pretty long haired kids


The moment when Rossaer and “Suishuu” meet for the first time is…well, the circumstances were hardly nice, but I’ve always wanted to capture this precise moment.



My apologies about the ugly Chinese script in the background. Suishuu has his own Prilloni name, but I like the sound of this one XD

垂羽 ~ drooping wings

[cg] mother and son


The Rose of Carownesia – the fairest daughter of Lord Thalanamundi of the Island of Perapraun. In CY 3172 she wed the Crown Prince of Ponnlay and disappointed her many suitors, some of whom were said to have cast themselves into the sea in despair as the ship bearing her sailed towards Talgrith. Her betrothed was near three times her age, and though it was a marriage of commerce, the Crown Prince showered his adoration on her. It was doubtful how much of it was reciprocated, however – not long after his death five years later, she gained the attention of his fourth and fifth sons. Their liaisons did not last long. The fourth was later to be executed for treason, partly on the evidence she provided. The fifth died shortly after from a mysterious illness that was rumoured to have been a curse.

She is known to have brought her summoning beast with her to Talgrith and it is unclear if curses were a part of her magic though it is known that it can be a part of Carownesian magic. However, as Talgrithans held a very hostile attitude towards all magic in that era, they were likely to have viewed her magic with great suspicion.

She was to never return to Carownesia. In year 3183 she abruptly retreated to a remote village in the Vertical Ranges along with her only son by the Crown Prince, Rossaer. She died two years later. Rossaer inherited her summoning beast and returned to Ponnlay in the escort of Lorrak’s men. It is unknown where her final resting place lies.

—- Talgrith: The Cheprella Era

All the above aside, this is not a woman who is easy to like. Rossaer did get his kindness from somewhere, but not from her.

In a way, Tenanga is the curse. Misfortune befalls whomever commands it. In the eyes of a Talgrithan, Tenanga is a force too dangerous and too uncontrollable, therefore as Tenanga’s masters, neither her nor Rossaer would have been permitted to gain any position of power. Her liaisons with the fourth and fifth could not have lasted – not if by doing so she might lend them the might of Tenanga.

It was only when Tenanga was forcefully separated from Rossaer that his life got a lot better. It held him back in more ways than he realised. As long as he had it, he was a potential uncontrollable threat – and at the same time Tenanga would not have allowed him to be anything else. It was never an ally, just a volatile curse that could consume its master any moment.

…All that aside…yes, Rossaer and his mother. Done in SAI again and took way longer than I hoped. That is totally not the hint of a rose in the background. Rossaer had short hair up until he returned to Ponnlay. It’s actually fairly common for Talgrithan men to grow their hair out – the sixth and Neillan (and possibly Mordan) also had long(ish) hair. For Rossaer, however, the long hair has another meaning and is likely to be another thing he wants to cut from his past.

Settled with more realistic (less saturated) colouring this time. At least that’s the way it looks on my computer. They both have black hair, not brown…for those who care.

[colour] Sigmund and Rossaer


Completed with Paint Tool SAI

Still can’t find an instance where I’m completely happy with the coloured picture. Or equally happy with the colour as I am with the sketch.

That said, something about Rossaer’s face kept bothering me in the sketch and I never managed to put my finger on it. Perhaps he should just never smile. Hah!

He may be, however, the only one who can get away with wearing such a muddy colour matched to a leafy green. I don’t even know what colour it’s meant to be (oi).

Don’t even ask about that blue thing (or Sigmund’s slanted electronic device).

I dislike my laptop monitor. I have a feeling their skin colour is either going to be too white or too saturated. Blah. It just looks white on my computer. Siggie’s hair is also meant to be more of a platinum blonde than wheat blonde…but ah wellz, you could also argue that Rossaer’s hair is just meant to be black, so…creative license.

I’m envisioning a story in which they meet and, given their respective suspicious natures, fight.

And Vivant and Virael watching from a distance, remarking, “So…who do you think will win?”

“Well…at the moment it looks more like a battle to be the first to get killed.”

“Should we not stop them?”

“No way. It’ll be good for them. We’ll wade in when one of them falls unconscious.”

“Right then. Want some tea?”

“That’s more Rossaer’s thing. Pass me some soda instead.”

…Vivant, where did you learn the word soda.

The problem with coming off night shift is…I feel hungover and jetlagged all at once, for 4 days in a row.

an unlikely bishie duo

I just realised that my last post was nearly 2 years ago. What have I done with my life? (Work, that’s what.)

I’ve actually not drawn anything in a long while. Don’t ask me why I suddenly started now. Went back and finished off an old pic and then was given an abrupt stroke of inspiration and 2 more (well, 3 if you count the SD comic following this one) pictures sprang forth like young shoots after a dreary winter.

Couldn’t be bothered turning on my scanner right this moment (well, 5am, ahem) so please put up with these low-res off-hue unevenly-exposed pics until I finish my run of night shifts.


Yes it is Sigmund and Rossaer. Yes they are smiling! Well, they’re technically both smirking rather than smiling. They are the smirkiest people in their respective stories XD

It’s not very obvious but Rossaer is holding a plastic/sports water bottle…Sigmund is looking at some sort of patented electronic device.

Rossaer! I don’t understand! Why is it even when coupled with Sigmund you look like the uke |||||||Orz

The following comic explains everything…


Text (In case it is illegible because you know Dr’s writing)
Sig: By the way, have we even met?
Ross: If it helps, this doesn’t even look like my world.
Sig: Huh…so why are you here?
Ross: I wonder it myself.
Viv(rael): It’s because the author wanted to draw two bishounen smiling at each other.

Sig + Ross: ?

Viv sign: Bi-shou-nen = 美少年 = beautiful boy(s)

Sig + Ross: *vein pop galore*

Viv: Do you like my banner, guys? I mean, bishounen guys?
Ross: Can I kill him?
Sig: You can get in line.
Ross: I’m the guest. I should go first.

Moral of the story (according to Vivrael)
– Rossaer’s expression has no apparent correlation with his feelings or intentions
– Just because it’s funny watching Sigmund explode doesn’t mean it’s funny watching Rossaer smile as he murders you
– When teasing the kids it’s not a good idea to step on both their pet peeves in one go

The genesis of this picture was, I woke up one day (well, yesterday afternoon) and thought, I feel like I should draw a few smiling pictures of Rossaer given how mean I have been lately. And then I thought, who else have I been mean to? And then I thought, I can’t imagine the idea of Sigmund smiling…but surely he does smile, right??

I think if you have to face down the two of them, you’d probably want to chuck a sofa at them. They just ooze scorn and arrogance without even uttering a word.

They actually have a lot in common (once upon a time I was worried about Rossaer becoming another Sigmund, but I think he’s well and truly left Sigmund in the dust…in terms of extrisincally enforced angst in any case) – they’re both bred to be confident but with their respective difficult families have both become self-sufficient and self-protective with a veneer of haughtiness. They’ve both got intimiacy issues of similar magnitudes, they’ve both got work-health balance issues in the sense that they are both prone to working themselves until they get sick. The reason, fortunately, is a bit different – Sigmund is a perfectionist, Rossaer is a workaholic (there’s a difference apparently). Sigmund is a lot colder in his manner and even in his attitude, whereas Rossaer still has an inerasable sense of obligation that makes him unable to completely ignore things. For example, if Rossaer had been at Rowan’s school, he wouldn’t have needed prompting from Vivrael to stop the bullying. Sigmund only protects those he feels he needs to, and he is very loyal once he accepts.

Would they get along if they had met? I think they would. I think they both have a…almost wild animal instinct for danger, and they won’t perceive each other as threats. Though it’s hard to compare different worlds, Rossaer is actually pretty…”nerdy”. He likes books and he’ll enjoy science and computers and curling up in a corner for hours on end. He and Sigmund will have lots to discuss, even without Rossaer trying.

Unfortunately it’ll never happen. Even fantasy has rules =P

[cg] two unlikely couples

The title of this picture is called “How to piss Vivant off in 2 minutes”, proving that even the most difficult things can be accomplished in a remarkably short period of time LOL

Presumably given the amount that Rossaer can drink he doesn’t actually get drunk in 2 minutes. Presumably, all it takes is the sight of Rossaer drinking with blase bliss to tick Vivant off.

These two picture are meant to be seen as a set. Four people whose personalities are so distinct from each other, two pairs of friends whose dynamics are so different standing on opposite sides. While I can imagine Rossaer easily getting along with Vivrael and Solen if he has no reason to do otherwise, I don’t think Vivant can ever quite get along with Vivrael.

Especially not after this XDDD

The fault isn’t all Vivrael’s, and knowing him he probably had the best intentions of playing the fun-loving host. The knowing smirk on Rossaer’s face is the hot oil thrown on a smouldering coal.

Why is Solen looking angry? Well, just because Rossaer has been habitually drinking himself to death since his early teens doesn’t mean he’s of drinking age yet in Vivrael/Solen’s society XD And of course there’s Vivant with a nonchalantly placating hand and an unreadable expression while clearly he’s already plotted seven ways of revenge.

As for the technicalities: all pictures were coloured in SAI, which started crashing under the weight of the layers. Vivant’s hair was coloured first and hence it was the messiest. Took me a little while to remember how to do hair again. Tried to keep Vivrael and Rossaer’s hair as black as possible, the only difference being the highlights. Tried to emphasise the different colouring of their skin but I think it has been a little too emphasised. In order from pale to tan, I’d say (Suishuu-Sigmund)-Rossaer-Solen-Vivant-Vivrael, the last two being more or less on par. Solen in particular is meant to be a sort of olive-pallid-sickliness, him being…well, sickly and all. Also, there is a hidden…”meaning” in the colour of their clothes, a trivial detail that mainly helped me choose the colours. LOL.

[fanart] nuriko and p-chan

This is what happens when I don’t have a scanner and I don’t have photoshop.

Ah wellz.

Happy belated birthday, Miakabakanekosanachan ^3^/

For anyone who didn’t grow up watching anime in the 00’s: this is Nuriko from Fushigi Yuugi and Ryouga/P-chan from Ranma 1/2.

I think Nuriko is like my first anime crush ever.

…Yes. He’s a guy. And yes, he died.

Now you kinda get why some of my characters look kinda………long-haired.

the prince and his demon

The genesis of this picture first occurred months ago. It was meant to be sketch of when Rossaer first meets Fuukou and Hinkan, his long hair wound into a large hat. Not being a hat person, I thought any hat bigger than one’s head is automatically ridiculous. After a while he looked mildly wizard-like so I chopped off his hair and tried to go from there. Months later, I decided to go back to the original idea, and of course at that time Rossaer is guarded everywhere by Tenanga, and that is the revolution of this picture (no1curr).

The whole picture is slightly unnerving (aka creepy). Tenanga actually looks to the naked eye like a real solid panther except when it is just materialising. Vivant might be the only one who actually sees it as that eldritch nebulous being.

I’ve tried using a slightly different colouring technique(?). I don’t even know if it can be called technique, but I wanted a desaturated watery look and I think I managed it this time, finally. He looks different with actual black hair, no? But somehow prettier |||Orz

He’s also dressed as a prince. I think one picture of him in garish clothes is quite more than enough LOL. Even if it were a public secret, I don’t think he’d ever bring himself to dress garishly in public, although he may force himself to choose clothes a little more extravagant than he prefers.

I think I miss that earlier Rossaer a little. In order to live, he gave himself no opportunity to question his self-worth, and so he could stand unabashedly before the angry crowd, derision ready before his smile.